Oct. 5, 2009

Whale Tail

Dear The Young Gentleman,
A female friend has a “whale tail” or similar issue, and she is unaware. In public, or in private, what would be the best way for a Gentleman to alert her? Or should he not mention it?

Certainly not in public. There is nothing more embarrassing than screaming across a party “YO PUT YO THONG AWAY!” Even when you are with a small group of friends stay away from calling your friend out. Instead, walk up to your friend discreetly and tell her to pull her pants up so that her underwear isn’t exposed.

As long as you do it politely and discreetly she shouldn’t be mad. When you are in a situation when her whale tail pops out, you need to snag this opportunity (if it bothers you). Just make sure you don’t call attention to it.

A gentleman should alert her if you are close friends. Just be careful not to call her out and make her feel bad about her unfortunate tail. We all have wardrobe malfunctions and so can’t really call our friends out when the same thing is bound to happen to us. Look to help your friend not make them so scared that they never come out of the house again.

-The Young Gentleman

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